Current Production

The (Un)Happy Medium

by Heather Madill

Director: Alan MacKenzie

Venue #10 | Planetarium Auditorium, 190 Rupert Ave.
(theatre on low level)

I’ve got two lousy roommates. They don’t pay rent, they don’t clean up, and they’re so loud I can’t hear my own thoughts. One keeps me always on edge, the other sucks my will to live. But I can’t evict them, so I’ve got to make this work somehow.

I swear they’re real, but most people don’t believe these jerks can possibly exist, so I don’t usually talk about them. But today‚Ķ I’m gonna have to make an exception.

A serio-comic look at living with Depression and Anxiety. Literally.


Thu July 20 10:15p
Fri July 21 12:00p
Sun July 23 6:45p
Mon July 24 12:00p
Wed July 26 11:00p
Thu July 27 1:45p
Fri July 28 8:30p
Sun July 30 7:00p



Tickets available at the door (15 minutes after start of previous performance) or in advance. Visit for more information.



Heather Madill
Laura Kolisnyk
Scott Douglas






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(L-R) Scott Douglas, Heather Madill and Laura Kolisnyk in The (Un)Happy Medium

(L-R) Laura Kolisnyk, Heather Madill and Scott Douglas in The (Un)Happy Medium


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The (Un)Happy Medium