Current Production

Zero Context

music and lyrics by Joseph Aragon


What do aliens, Nazis, vampires, nuns, pirates, and tap dancing have in common? Joseph Aragon and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival! Aragon has delighted audiences with his wit and style since 2004, with 11 original musicals (10 of which premiered at the Winnipeg Fringe). With so much material to choose from, it’s really just about the music though. How about we sing, and you fill in the context for yourself?

Featuring Heather Madill and Ray Padua; with Joseph Aragon on keyboard. Join us for selections from Bloodsuckers (2004), Illuminati (2005), Conclave (2006), Lucretia Borgia (2007), Bloodless: The Trial of Burke and Hare (2009), Illuminati 3 (2012), and The Mystery of Krummhorn Castle (2015). A sampling of Aragon's witty lyrics, hummable music, and Fringe-tastic humour. With absolutely no context provided.


Thu July 16 7:30



Heather Madill
Ray Padua
Joseph Aragon






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Zero Context