About Us

Kiss the Giraffe was founded in 2004, with a company goal of creating maximum effect theatre on a minimal budget.

Kiss the Giraffe Productions - Winnipeg Fringe Festival

KTG's premiere production, Joseph Aragon's BLOODSUCKERS! The Musical, was a runaway hit at the 2004 Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Director Leith Clark worked with a cast of 11 actors to present this full-scale premiere musical by Aragon.

Hot of the heels of that premiere, KTG produced Aragon's next two musicals, ILLUMINATI and CONCLAVE. Both had audiences lined up around the block!

With community events such as AragonFest (highlighting many of the plays and musicals by this talented Winnipeg playwright), craft sales, movie musical singalongs and The Princess Party, KTG continues to strive for excellent theatre.

Our ongoing goal is to foster and cultivate the arts in Winnipeg, and provide opportunities for local performing artists to showcase their talent.