The Artists

KTG is thrilled and humbled to have worked with many amazing local performers. This page will feature some of the fantastic talent that Winnipeg has to offer.

Check back soon—we'll dish up some juicy tidbits, sure to entertain. Or at least inform.

Kiss the Giraffe Productions - The Arists -

Heather Madill

Artistic Producer

Heather has been making a hobby (and sometimes career) of the arts since high school. With a dual degree in Communication and Dramatic Arts, she has been using her skills over the years as an arts educator, voice performer, writer, teacher, as well as in communications, marketing, and media work. She has performed with Rainbow Stage, Dry Cold Productions, White Rabbit Productions, and multiple Fringe shows. As Artistic Producer, she enjoys pulling all the details together and presenting theatre that showcases the incredible talent this city holds.

Kiss the Giraffe Productions - The Arists -

Joseph Aragon

Playwright and Performer